Frequently Asked Questions

Do we sell ephemera?


Sorry we do not sell postcards. Try searching eBay using the information on this site.

Can I use your images?


If the images was created before 1928 it's in the public domain and free to use. After 1928 it's less certain use at your own risk.

Can I use your data?


The data or information about each card is licensed under CC0.

Can I contribute images or data?


Please visit our forum and make a post.

Why are many titles capitalized?

In general anything printed on an item is in CAPITAL LETTERS. Comments and other information use lower case (small letters). At first we adhered rigidly to this convention and found it to be very satisfactory and almost essential if we were to produce a useful listing. The shock value of, say new york instead of New York or jesus instead of Jesus was a useful reminder that the words are not on the card. However the weight of convention has forced capitalization of the first letter of places, names, other proper nouns and also of initials.