THE GLEANERS three women work in farm field


Greeting, series & groups, Impressed, THE KING AND QUEEN (G.V. period), Christmas & New Year, Oversize (IMPRESSED KGV)

Tuck information & Royal attribution, impressed, not printed, on back of cards logo beside RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS LTD , PUBLISHERS TO THE KING AND QUEEN -- PRODUCED IN ENGLAND -- COPYRIGHT

THE GLEANERS three women work in farm field


single folds, cover & inner sheet secured with ribbon inner sheet right: LOOK NOT OUT FOR THINGS REMOTE ... FIRST SOW THE LAND below: WITH EVERY GOOD WISH FOR A HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A BRIGHT NEW YEAR WITH HOPE AND GLADNESS same image comes as Tuck postcard in many sets 104, 2628, 4598, 5307, 5779, 5884, 9122 date used: 1920

Greeting Card

MILLET (Jean Francois Millet)

14 x 12.4 cm., oversize

Artist Christmas New Year Rural