BUT I DO LOVE THEE yellow daisies & ferns


Greeting, Q.V. period, fringed, 4 panels glued back-to-back & folded, tassel to open, Valentine & love, Floral, Oversize

RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS, COPYRIGHT in small print at base of some panels

BUT I DO LOVE THEE yellow daisies & ferns

QV Fringed

second panel (inner left) MY HEART IS CAPTIVE TO THEE pink flowers, & ferns third panel (inner right) WHERE YOU ATTRACT LOVE FOLLOWS white daisies with yellow centres, maidenhair fern back panel MAY HAPPINESS MARK THIS DAY!, pink morning glory pink fringes & tassel (only tiny remnant of tassel remains)


10.5 x 13.5 cm.(plus fringes) oversize

Daisies Ferns Love Maidenhair Fern Morning Glory